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Anyone who wishes to join the choir please contact the secretary and then introduce themselves at a rehearsal - there are no formal auditions, although the Director of Music reserves the right to do a ‘music test’. If you have sung in a church choir before, all the better, but we have members who have never before sung in a small choir. The ability to read music is an advantage.

As an independent choir we survive by subscription - the current rate is as follows:

A new member is not expected to pay a subscription for their first term, but then they do not have the voting rights of a full member.

Although we are predominately an adult choir, we have a Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy. All new and current members must familiarise themselves with this policy which may be found here.

Rehearsing for the summer tour in All Hallows Twickenham
Rehearsing for the summer tour in All Hallows Twickenham


The ULCC meets from 7.15pm until about 9pm nearly every Friday in term time at St Mary's, Somers Town (Eversholt Street); please check the choir calendar to see the dates and times of rehearsals. Eversholt Street is on the east side of Euston station. St Mary's is opposite Barnby Street, on the corner of Aldenham Street, half-way to Mornington Crescent. After the rehearsals we usually go for a drink and possibly a meal.